System Requirements

  • DVD writer drives.
  • 256M or more memory.
  • 5 GB or more free disk space.
  • DirectX8.0 or higher.

How to Burn your own DVD movie:

1.Importing AVI movie files:

Hit pic button to add AVI video files from your computer,Hit picor picto change the order of source files,the order of source file is the playing order of them in final DVD.


   1) Hit  pic or  pic to select TV system,NTSC TV system is mainly supported in USA, Canada, South America & the Caribbean. PAL format is supported in most other countries..
   2) pic to select Aspect radio , 16:9 os for Wide screen TV and 4:3 is for standard TV.
   3) Hit pic to select or create temporary folder,temporary folder is for storing temporary files before burning DVD,you need at least 9G free disk space to create a 4.5G video DVD,this folder is setted as C:\ZCAVItoDVD\ by default.
   4) picto select DVD recorder to burn DVD movie.
   5) picif you do not check this option,all video content will not be burned into DVD disc but stored in temporary folder,you may burn it later by using other tools like ZC DVD Creator Platinum from
   6) picselect this to delete temporary files after burning.
   7) pic shutdown computer when mission accomplished.

3. Starting:

Hit picto start creating your favorite DVD movie if everything is okay.

If you set "Burn to DVD disc ", please insert a blank DVD R/RW into your DVD writer, ZC AVI to DVD Creator will burn DVD movie to your disc.
If you do not set "Burn to DVD disc",you can play your DVD in hard disk with PowerDVD or other DVD player software or burn it later.
(PowerDVD is a powerful DVD player software,click here to download it)

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